Who do I want to be?

Hi, I’m Georgia and this is my blog!

Today I watched an interview of Shawn Mendes and he was explaining that his new song was about how, during the time being a teenager we try to figure out who we are and who we want to be. Well, his words really got me thinking, I mean I have always thought about it somehow here and there, but today I got inspired to start a blog. The story of my life, I hope you can relate! 

Who am I ? 

I am just a girl from Germany, trying to figure out my way through puberty and life but it is true, we all are. I have only been a teenager for about two years, and to be honest it I’m as great as a always dreamt it would be! When I was small I always wanted to be a teenager, be one of the ‘cool kids’ well…., turns out, being a cool kid isn’t that cool after!

In only two years I have picked fights, hurt people, lost friends and gained new ones. I have already changed my complete personality in only two years! I remember how only a year or two ago, I used to be really selfish and rude, billing other kids and being mean to them, being irresponsible and careless. Up to today I have grow more caring and way more responsible, nice and polite. There are characteristics I have lost that I do miss, like never caring what other people think or do, just being myself and feeling free. Today I have to fight to be myself and not trying to live up to the expectations of others. I try not to care but that is easier said than done ! I believe that one grows with experience and ones perspective of life, and in the previous year things have happened that I never thought would. Additional to the pressure of school and life I lost my father whom I didn’t have a good relation ship to anyways. BUT I deal with it, and from my opinion very good. Through all the things that have happened they have made me who I am now, and I don’t regret a single decision I have made along the way ! 

Who I want to be… 

I want to grow into a strong independent woman! I want to be able to find my way through life without having to depend on somebody. I want to be successful and reach all of my goal. I want to help people along the way and be selfless and caring, I want to learn to love my neighbor just as much as I love myself no matter who it is! I want to be beautiful in my own way and feel comfortable in my own skin. My major goal in life is to take all the opportunities that I get and only continue in the paths that lead me to happiness! I don’t want to be rude, selfish or mean, I do not want to grow bitter when I’m old!!! I want to learn, to not care about what people say about me or my family, because I am who I am, and so is my family, no matter how much the crowd or anybody hates it, that’s who I am ! I want to be able to stand up for myself and be proud, to where I have come ! 


If I do reach all these goals I will have found myself, and there will be nothing that could possibly stop me from accomplishing my dreams that’s when I have grow up and will be ready for the real life to come and try to break me with all its challenges. Until the I will try to learn and experience everything I can to grow into that person ! 

Good night 















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